NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament Live Stream: Kentucky VS West Virginia Live Game for Final 4

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The end of the most aniticipated basketball tournament of the year is now so near to its final game. After the elite 8 was identified, Butler was able to make a the first team to make it to the Final 4 ousting K-State with a 5 point lead. Now another game for the Final has been happening and this time it is between Kentucky and West Virginia. The fight has been to close and at 4 minutes remaining of the 1st half they are on tie score. Crowd has been shouting loud.

No one really knows who will be joining Butler for the Final 4. Live streaming can be seen here. Stay tune for more updates.

Update: West Virginia wins! (73-66)
Update: WVU’s Mazulla Fouled out.
Update: 3:20 left in the 2nd half, Kentucky made their first 3 points after 20 missed attempts.
Update: 7:30 left in 2nd half, WVU up by 10 points 53-43
Update: 18:09 left in the 2nd half, WVU up by 7 points. 33-26
Update: First half of the game is already finish and West Virginia is leading with a score of 28, Kentucky is only 2 points behind.