NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament: Final Four Head to Head Comparison

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Now that NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament has final arrived to its Semi Finals, it is also about time to get to know our Final Four Teams up close. Aside from their own schoolmates cheering on them, there are other people who has crazy on each of them and we be wondering why. Here are some short yet valuable information on each team, valuable enough to be follwed on their quest to get the championship title.

We’ll start with the team who made it first to the Final Four, the Butler Bulldogs. The team is lead by coach by Brad Stevens and having Blue and White Official color. It would be the team’s first ever Final Four Qualification. They are the Horizon League Champion. They are two wins away from the national title. The Bulldogs extended their winning streak to 24 by beating top-seeded Syracuse on Thursday and then shutting down the No. 2-seed Wildcats on Saturday. These two teams were top seeds of the West Regional.The city of Indianapolis is very proud having their own in the Final Four.The team got great turnover record and balanced scoring wherein players are there for each other no matter what. “I don’t care about being called a Cinderella or a mid-major. We don’t have resources that other teams have, and that’s just a fact. But resources don’t win games. We have a lot of guys with big hearts.” — Butler coach Brad Stevens.

The next team who made it the Final Four is West Virginia Mountaineers. Their official colors are Old Gold and Blue. Led by coach Bob Huggins who has been working for the team ever since. He faced a lot of criticisms against his team but was able to passed all of them as they defeat the # 1 Kentucky in their game for the Final Four. The team got Joe Mazzulla, who displayed great skills in their latest game. He contributed 17 great points for the team and had out shined Kentucky’s John Wall. Truck Bryant, the team’s point guard was previously reported to be injured is now hoping that he could join the team in the Final Four. The team hits the boards hard and plays in-your-face, switching man-to-man defense.

Next up is Michigan St. Spartans. They are no rookie in this stage, in fact last year, they are also in the Final Four and in 2008 they reached Sweet 16. Tom Izzo’s team has reached heights already. He is thrilled with the way his team has responded. “Finally coming together as one, to a season full of adversity, he said. The Spartans believe they belong in the Final Four even without Kalin Lucas who had an Achilles Injury. When it comes to statistics, Spartans has a lot of things to brag off, they have 72.4 points per game against opponents’ 64.1, 16.5 assists per game, 6.6 steals, 3.3 blocks and 13.8 turnovers per game.

Last but not the least, the Duke Blue Devils. They got the national championship way back 2001 and has played beyond Sweet 16 since 2004. Now they are back to the Final Four and there is a great possibility that they get the championship once again. Last year they only reach 16. The team is headed by coach Mike Krzyzewski. The Blue Devils are actually the only Final Four team to play three top eight seeds (No. 8 California, No. 4 Purdue and No. 3 Baylor) in their first four games. So they’re not returning to the Final Four because of a generous whistle or a generous bracket. Jon Scheyer added five 3-pointers and scored 20 for Duke. The Blue Devils became the only No. 1 seed to advance to Indianapolis and earned their 11th Final Four berth under Krzyzewski.