NBA Free Agency News: LeBron James Has No Intention to Leave Cavaliers

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NBA Free Agency News: LeBron James Update – LeBron James may have no real intention to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and it might all be a marketing strategy and gimmick in order to stir buzz around the star.

Team LeBron who seems to be playing hard to get and trying to talk to major NBA teams seems to be faking it since the last leaked information says that James himself wants to stay with the Cavs.

What’s new, Team LeBron is composed of overgrown 25-year old kids who had a taste of success and want to be part of a global corporation that anchors on the success of the iconic basketball player.

They have already talked with the Chicago Bulls and even with New York Nicks and the New Jersey Nets but it seems that these were all for show.

“My gut tells me Cleveland,” an executive in the James chase told Yahoo! Sports on Sunday. “From what I hear now, it’s his decision alone. No outside influences.”

On another note, LeBron might be affected also by the current turn of events with his team. Recently coach Mike Brown was fire and then Byron Scott was hired as the new team coach. LeBron is a key player for Cleveland and in the end they could be the only team who will truly understand their home player.

I am quite sure that LeBron James would still be wearing the jersey of the Cleveland Cavaliers come the opening of NBA 2011.