Mumbai Yogi Offering Addiction Cure to Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and other Celebs

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A Mumbai-based yogi claims that he can cure Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and other Hollywood celebrities from addiction and other health issues, including terminal illnesses, without any drugs or fees. He got me at the “no fees” bit… but for those interested in the details, read on.

Apparently, Vir Balahara, who is reverently known as “Virjee”, is not an ordinary yogi.  He is a retired director general of income tax of India and was an atheist for most of his earlier life until he found the “inner-light” when he was around 40 and started exploring it further.

He said that after 23 years of self-exploration, he felt ready to take on his mission and “new awareness” globally to help the sick.

Yogi Virjee has supposedly studied the health issues of Hollywood celebrities and says that he can treat drug, alcohol and smoking addictions, emotional and physical breakdowns, weight and diet related problems, aging-related complaints, etc. without the use of drugs.

He also claims to be able to help achieve anti-aging and fitness goals. More importantly, he does not charge any fees for his treatment as he believes in “selfless action” advocated by ancient Sanskrit scripture Bhagavad-Gita.

Virjee has thrown an open invitation to Lohan, Hilton and other Hollywood celebrities to visit him in Mumbai and promises that they will return to Hollywood healthy and vibrant. His technique is said to be complex, but based around pranayam (exercising control over the process of breathing).

So how about it, Paris? Lindsay? Bruno Mars (and all others afflicted with any type of addiction)? All you’ll need is a plane ticket to Mumbai.