Moscow’s Leading Judge Shot Dead

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Judge Eduard Chuvashov, Moscow’s leading judge was shot dead by an unknown gunman as he approaches his office from his apartment. “An unidentified person shot Mr Chuvashov in the entrance to an apartment block and then fled,” a police source was quoted by Ria Novosti.

Judge Chuvashov has handled several major cases leading to a lot of death threats. It would include cases involving Russian officials accused of corruption and embezzlement. 2 months ago. he sentenced nine members of a neo-Nazi skinhead group called the White Wolves to up to 23 years in jail. Just last week, he also sentenced the teenage leader of the most notorious skinhead gang in Russia for the murder of three more immigrants.

The judge was hut in the head and the chest and eventually died after this. This has taken from a CCTV camera. It also revealed that his killer appeared to be in his 20’s.

With all the death threats he has been receiving, he still refused to has his own bodyguards.