Mel Gibson On A Downward Spiral

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I believe it started four years ago with Mel Gibson’s arrest for drunk driving, a scandal which was put even more under the spotlight because of his anti-Semitic remarks towards the arresting officers. Since then, Mel Gibson’s star power has waned and so did the favorable public perception he enjoyed at the height of his career.  

Although he got out of that embarrassing situation after issuing a public apology for his “despicable behavior”, it was never quite the same.

Next that was heard about Mel Gibson is that he was divorcing his wife of 28 years and mother of his seven kids, Robyn in 2009; and that the third party to their break-up was Oksana Grigorieva who soon became pregnant with Mel’s child. 

Now, eight months after giving birth, Oksana has become Mel’s “battered ex” and the other party to the newest scandal wrecking havoc at his status as a Hollywood icon.

As if a new scandal is not enough, his agency, William Morris dropped him cold. To compound his woes even more, audio tapes of their fights that Oksana had recorded without his knowledge had been leaked to the press, and he is now being investigated for domestic violence that could land him in jail for at least 4 years.

Whoa! If that is not a downward spiral, I do not know what is. What is happening with you Mel? Can somebody do an intervention quick and save this man?