Meet the Pretty Sexy, Pretty Wild Cast of E!’s new TV show

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People love to watch reality TV shows because pretty much, everyone can relate to them.  There’s no script involved, just pure reactions of people to the things that happen around them.  Another advantage if you find yourself in a reality TV show is that you get that instant fame!

E! just launched their new Reality show last Sunday.  This involves a pretty much young crowd who are pretty sexy, pretty wild. You will not see really sex-related action here such as the party at a swingers club but wait for something close to that.  Meet the cast of the Pretty Wild TV show!  They are three sisters.  The eldest is Tess Taylor, twenty years old, who is a model and hopes to get famous by her appearances in magazines and some TV.  She’ll definitely get famous after this TV show airs.  The middle child is Alexis Neiers.  She’s nineteen and she was arrested on the grounds that she was suspect for a burglary.  You will see in the show what will happen.  And the last but not the least, the youngest at the age of 16, Gabrielle Neiers who is the mature one amongst her sisters.  Their mom Andrea Arlington was a former playmate and was a one-time wild child herself.  Watch at E! every Sunday to watch this crazy pretty wild adventure!