Matt LeBlanc Gone Gray

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I do not even know why this has to be in the news, but I guess Hollywood is really all about looks that is why even a seemingly “non-issue” as the real color of a person’s hair is suddenly hogging the pages of online entertainment magazines.

Anyway, Matt LeBlanc has finally confessed to dyeing his hair dark all throughout the Friends run, saying his hair has gone gray as early as 6 years ago. So to maintain his youthful “Joey” looks, he has taken to using the ever-reliable hair dye.

Matt, now 43, is proudly sporting gray hair. I just do not know if he will continue to don the same hair color for his new Showtime series, “Episodes”, where he plays a character named… Matt LeBlanc.

Despite having the same name, Matt insists “Matt LeBlanc” the character is just that – a character and that it is not based on his real life, but rather what the public perceives to be “him”.

Asked if he will soon be seen in fellow Friend’s star Courteney Cox’s ABC hit “Cougar Town”, Matt replied laughing, “I haven’t been asked!”

I wonder how he managed to dye even his five o’clock shadow. Hmmm…