Masters Payout 2010: Masters Golf Prize Money is USD 7.5 Million

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We already knew that Phil Mickelson won the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament earning him the most coveted green jacket. Congratulations for that victory Phil Mickelson. Apparently, it was not the day for Tiger Woods as he only placed fourth in the masters winners list. That is probably due to his 5-month layoff in his professional golf career coupled with the crisis in his marriage.

With Phil Mickelson’s victory, a lot of golf tournament fans are asking how much is the payout for this year’s Masters Golf Tournament 2010? How much did Phil Mickelson received as his prize money for winning the Masters?

Augusta National Golf Club officials announced $7.5 million in total prize money will be awarded. $1.35 million of these payout goes to the champion of the championship round.

In addition, the second placer gets as much as $810,000 while the prize money for 3rd place is $510,000. Also, golfers placed in the top 19 positions in the Masters leaderboard can expect a 6 figure payout and the last golfer in position still walks away with $21,750.

Well, congratulations to Phil Mickelson for receiving $1.35 million prize money. For Tiger Woods placing fourth in this year’s Masters Golf Tournament, no official announcement yet was released regarding his portion of the masters purse. Stay tuned for us for more updates on this prize money.

Meanwhile, here is the Top 10 Masters Winners List in this year’s Masters Golf Tournament. They will all get a slice in the total Masters purse of USD 7.5 million.