March Madness: Printable 2010 NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament Brackets

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It’s March Madness and it prompts the start of the most watched inter-collegiate basketball event among universities – the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

The said basketball tournament is divided into two divisions – the Men’s and Women’s group. Each group consists of 64 teams who will be battling for the National Championship round where a winner be declared.

Since the release of the NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets for both the Men’s and Women’s Division, a lot of college football fanatics wants to know if their school was included in the list of teams who will play in NCAA.

In addition, they also want to know what are the exact time and date schedule and which teams are being paired for a match. Various sites are offering prizes for those participants who can predict the winning bracket.

In order for you to participate in these sites, you must need to download the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets for both Men’s and Women’s Division below:

2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket Sheet:

2010 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Bracket Sheet: