March Madness: 2010 NCAA printable Bracket in PDF

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The March Madness 2010 NCAA printable Bracket is on high-demand. Basketball has been one of the most prominent sports event among colleges and universities. Each time the month of March arrives, one of the things that come up in the minds of every collegiate basketball fans is March Madness.

More commonly known as the NCAA Basketball Tournament, March Madness features 65 college basketball teams competing for the most coveted NCAA Basketball Championship.

The 2010 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket has been released already and the teams will start to compete on its first round on March 18 and 19 and the scheduled National Championship round is on April 5.

Which basketball teams are paired to whom? Let’s find out by viewing the official NCAA Printable Bracket 2010.

Print it and see which team will be battling against your favorite basketball teams.

Good luck to all teams and may the best team win!