List of Jessie James Mistresses are in Demand

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Undeniable fact of today is that Jesse James is the new Tiger Woods.  Tiger must be relieved that the attention has been taken off from his sloppy love affair…  Jessie James is catching up as a list of Jessie James Mistresses are in demand.  As of now, we know that he had more than one mistress.  Michelle Bombshell McGee has been the first one to come out.

With this kind of situation that Jesse James is in, Playgirl magazine wanted to get Jessie James to pose nude.  There are also rumors going around that he has a ‘big stick’ according to the Bombshell.  Playgirl wants to know if it’s true I guess.  Anyway, things are really heating up for him as he also got arrested by a paparazzi.  The paparazzi accused him of trashing his car.  He also had the paparazzi arrested and accused him of stalking.

Anyway, it’s a very crazy world he is in.  People sometimes forget to ask what Sandra thought of all these… What do you think?