Let’s write more articles about the swinging lifestyle!

Our new effort is the All swingers clubs directory - pls, support it by at least visiting, maybe - commenting and adding your favorite swingers clubs.

It’s amazing how people are interested in alternative sex practices nowadays. Swinging lifestyle thing which was taboo for inner circle of your township before is a hype now and recommended by your doctor!

Mainstream news websites full of articles about how to lose virginity and get into the swing. Look at this fresh Buzzfeed bit!

But what bother me in such articles it thing that they not provide any new information. Bla-bla-bla spice up your marriage bla-bla-bla swap can be full or not. If you read 3-4 articles about swing – you can skip all other.

People swing is interesting and have tons of aspects. Let’s come up out from the heat of orgy and start to write about them. Cheers!