Leica Unveiled M9 ‘Titanium’ on 500 Limited Pieces Only

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Photokina 2010 has been showcasing luscious gadgets in town along with luscious prices as well. It has included the expensive Leica’s M9 ‘Titanium’ with only 500 precious pieces available. Upon looking at it, you could really say that it is worth every penny you’ll spend. The question is, of the 500 pieces made for sale, is one of it destined to be yours? You may be able to afford it but what if there would be no more stocks available for you?

What makes this camera a ‘must-have’ after all? Well, as what has been stated by Leica “anything that looks like titanium, is titanium.” Which means, if its made of Titanium it also possesses the qualities of the Titanium element. Not to mention that a Titanium is low densityelement, strong, lustrous, and corrosion-resistant (including sea water, aqua regia and chlorine). The device is also coated with a fingerprint-resistant overlay. It comes with a 35mm Summilux F/1.4 prime lens, lens hood and an amazing single hook for a carry strap.

The price of this precious item hasn’t been disclosed and this would be available by November. There has been no statement released that reservations would be allowed. Surely, camera addicts would be lining up to acquire this one of a kind item.