Latest Update on Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Marriage Trouble: Sandra’s Facebook Account’s Status is “Single”

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As I browse to some bookmarking sites, one article that has been posted was about Sandra Bullock. Well, issues about her lately has been so hot most especially the issues about the rumored marriage trouble that she is experiencing with husband Jesse James.

It all started when Michelle “Bombshell” McGee released statements that she hooked up with Jesse James then Sandra canceled her UK flight then James saying sorry. Basically that’s the summary of it as of the moment. Everyone has been waiting for Sandra’s side about it.

Going back to the site that was bookmarked, it is very intriguing because it has the title “Sandra Bullock Facebook status changed to SINGLE: bye, Jesse!”. I browse over it thinking that it may be one of those stupid posts that has been using catchy titles just to gain traffic. In the post, the writer linked the facebook fan page of Sandra which has been the basis of the post. It can be viewed here. I browse over the Facebook Fan page and observed its contents.

There has been 4,974 friends and in the her “about me” corner, you can these “?Verified Account of Sandra Bullock Official Celebrity Site Verified By Facebook® Original Celebrity Profile ©All Rights”. I don’t exactly know if anyone can do it even if you’re not the real person behind the account. In the “Relation Status”, it indeed SINGLE”. The owner of the account has been posting in her walls. Here is one, “A very special and heartfelt thanks to all of you lovely people that I call my friends! Your kind words over the last few days have been greatly appreciated. I consider myself a very lucky girl!” via mobile web done Saturday at 9:20pm. The wall post gained 190 comments. Then a change of status can be viewed gaining 271 comments. It preceded a wall post saying “I do not want to see ANY messages with the words Jesse James in them. Period! I am moving on. His loss, not mine!” and again gaining more that 200 comments.

You can view the facebook fan page if you like. In as much as I want to believe it, i really don’t know how can person create a facebook fan page. There is a great possibility that the fan page was just made by somebody else and pretending to be Sandra. I think it would really be convincing if we all could see Sandra speaking through an interview to answer all these.