Latest Update NCAA Championship Game 2010 Time: Duke vs Butler Live Stream

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March Madness is almost over but the craziness is still up and the hype is on the air as we finally have the last two teams standing so far.

Butler had a very interesting game with Michigan St. as they won over them by only two points.  It must have been a very fun game indeed as the scores are really close to each other (52-50) Butler v Michigan St.

On the other hand, Duke vs West Virgina was predictable at the middle part of the game as Duke was leading big in points.  Duke won with 78 points vs West Virginia of only 57.

The final question is: Who will be the ultimate NCAA Basketbal Tournament in the NCAA Championship Game 2010?  Who will survive all plays?  Who will be the last team standing?  Will it be Duke? or Butler team?  We will only know as we watch the Duke vs Butler (Butler vs Duke) final NCAA Championship Game 2010 tomorrow on April 5 at 9:21 pm ET.  You can watch this live online too via NCAA’s official website.