Latest Results NCAA Final Four Scores: Duke vs West Virginia Score

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NCAA Final Four games are very interesting.  Butler won by just two points over Michigan St.  It must have been a very interesting game!  Have you watched the game? What do you think?

Now, still on the second quarter Duke and West Virginia battles for the championship game with Butler.  Butler team is also waiting and we don’t know who they favor to win.  Either way, it should be a very interesting match.  You can still watch the Duke vs West Virginia game online now!

They are going to the third quarter as we speak.  So far, Duke seams to be leading with 78 points vs West Virginia of 57.  The game is not over yet but seems like Duke is winning.

The final game between Butler and Duke will be on April 5, 9:21 pm ET.  You can watch the Butler vs Duke game (Duke vs Butler) online!


Duke wins with 78 points vs West Virginia who grabbed only 57 points.