Latest NCAA 2010 Bracket Update: Round 2 Qualifiers

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There has been great games and great scenes that has happened as the March Madness continues. Now it is time for Round 2 and a lot of most anticipated teams was able to make it. There are unexpected things and one of which with the last year’s champion, North Carolina Tar Heels not making it. It is really not a guarantee that you would still make it consecutively. The ever favorite Kansas was able to make it after defeating Lehigh in the first round in the Midwest Division with a score of 90-74 and hopefully they could make it until the Final 4. Last year’s Midwest Final 4 entry Michigan was also able to make it.

For the West Division, last year’s final 4 entry Connecticut was unfortunately wasn’t able to be part of the first round. Last year’s East team Villanova was able to make it after defeating Robert Morris in South Division with a score of 73-70. Last year’s South team Oklahoma in which this year’s Midwest entry wasn’t able to surpass Goergia Tech n the round 1.

Here is a full list of teams who will be advancing in Round 2 according to division.
Kentucky vs Wake Forest, Cornell vs Wisconsin, Washington vs New Mexico, Missouri vs West Virginia

Duke vs California, Texas A&M vs Purdue, Old Dominion vs Baylor, St. Mary’s (Ca.) vs Villanova

Kansas vs N. Iowa, Michigan St. vs Maryland, Tennessee vs Ohio, Georgia Tech vs Ohio St.

Syracuse vs Gonzaga, Butler vs Murray St., Xavier vs Pittsburgh, BYU vs Kansas St.

Round 2 will be from March 20-21. Stay tuned for more updates.