Latest NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament Semifinals Live Streaming: Michigan St VS Butler Live Score Update

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The NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament has already reached semifinals. The madness which started last month has continued to spread its wings. At this very day, the semifinal games would take place and at this very day, the teams who will be competing for the finals would also be known.

As of the moment, the game between Michigan St. and Butler has already started and their scores is not far from each other. In less than 10 minutes, one of them would then be advancing the Finals. Live streaming can be seen here. For those who can’t access the live stream, you can view the score updates here.

Live Score Updates
Butler Won! 52-50
0:29 left – Butler 50 – Michigan St. 49
1:18 left – Butler 50 – Michigan St. 46
2:23 left – Butler 48 – Michigan St. 44
4:53 left – Butler 47 – Michigan St. 43
5:58 left – Butler 47 – Michigan St. 43
8:41 left – Butler 46 – Michigan St. 41