Lady Gaga’s See Through Underwear Photos Revealed

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The world has gone ‘gaga’ once more after the news spread that there has been photos of Lady Gaga’s see through underwear taken. As shown in the photo, she is wearing a see through underwear and bra under her court jacket. She shamelessly walked down the street of Stockholm, Sweden wearing that one. She could easily wear this kind of clothes without any worries. What could have been happening to her? Her styles are unique yet for some it seems to be not right.

Let’s all wait what could be the reactions of her numerous fans about this one. She is known to be having her tour after summer and everyone is so eager what’s next up with her. She always surprises everyone with things you won’t truly expect. Not so long ago, she also shocked the world about her decision to have leg amputated for the sake of fashion. It was proven wrong though.

She has all the guts to do all these things. Is she still normal? or this is just her fashion sense. Please feel free to give your reactions below.