Lady Gaga Meat Dress Was Explained by Gaga Herself

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Lady Gaga Meat Dress Was Explained by Gaga Herself- Lady Gaga appeared in an amazing more than 50-pound meat dress at the recently held 2010 MTV Music Awards.

Initially, her meat dress outfit received criticisms from the animal rights advocacy group, PETA. PETA already released an official statement condemning Lady Gaga’s meat dress:

“Meat is the decomposing flesh of a tormented animal who didn’t want to die, and after a few hours under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh it is and likely be crawling in maggots — not too attractive, really,” said PETA in their statement.

Franc Fernnandez was the one who designed Lady Gaga’s meat dress. He also designed Lady Gaga’s diamond headpiece in the video for “Bad Romance,” which picked up seven of the singer’s eight VMA wins last night. When asked what was his inspiration in making the meat dress of Lady Gaga, Franc Fernandez said that he was contacted by Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti and was told to make a meat dress.

In his tweet Fernandez appeared to be very pleased with his creation. “The way it was cut & fitted to her body was AMAZING ! Meat purse was genius ! As an art piece, it was astonishing! No moral Judgement!,” he said on Twitter.

Lady Gaga also appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Degeneres was a known vegan and vegetarian. In the show, Lady Gaga reiterated her stand in wearing the meat dress at VMA 2010 saying, “It is a devastation to me that I know my fans who are gay … feel like they have governmental oppression on them. That’s actually why I wore the meat tonight.”

Lady Gaga is referring to the US military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

She said that it is the main reason for wearing her meat dress. De Generes seemed to be unconvinced about Lady Gaga’s explanation though.

“It’s fabulous! Oh it’s kale!” Gaga said. “Well, it’s the best of both worlds, you and me, Ellen.”

Below is a Youtube video of Lady Gaga’s interview with Ellen Degeneres explaining herself for her meat dress which she wore that night: