Labor Day Weekend 2010: The Tier 5 Extension Update and Call

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Labor Day Weekend 2010: The Tier 5 Extension Update and Call – It had been a month since President Barack Obama signed the Unemployment Extension Bill to help unemployed Americans but there is one piece of provision that was removed and left unattended. The Tier 5 extension provision for 99ers was left hanging and no one wants to support it. Republicans says that it is because the Democrats refuse to use stimulus money and some Dems says that it is too costly.

The thing is would the government just let more than 1.4 million Americans who belong to the 99ers group become victims of a recession which is not their own doing? Should they be and their family be left to the mercy of charitable organizations and meal stubs just to survive daily?

Latest information from the US Senate said that Senator Harry Reid refuses to put the Tier 5 Extension Bill on the agenda for September 13. The reason for such a refusal is because the majority of Republican Senators and a few Democrat stalwarts are opposed to the bill.

It is a welcome development that President Barack Obama in his Iraq speech last August 31 announced the end of combat hostilities in Iraq and the focus of the government now shifting to domestic problems especially the growing unemployment in the United States. The average unemployment rate across the United States is now above 9% and technically every State qualifies for unemployment benefits.

For 99ers the only hope now is on the American Wants to Work Act endorse by Sen. Stabenow of Michigan. It would be a fitting gift to 99ers and the unemployed during the Labor Day Weekend 2010. This act provides for three essential provisions which will not only give Tier 5 extension to 99ers but also help to other unemployed. These provisions are:

  1. Creating an additional tier of benefits for those who have exhausted their unemployment insurance.
  2. Extending the successful HIRE Act payroll tax exemption through the end of 2011.
  3. Doubling the general business tax credit to encourage businesses to hire the hardest hit Americans.

Surely, these provisions will entail cost but the expense for fellow Americans is more important and necessary than the expenses being spent abroad like in the useless Iraq and Afghanistan War. Billions of dollars were spent in those wars which caused deaths to American soldiers. Why should we starve fellow Americans and prevent the help they need? Should we want them to result to committing crimes and even suffering death in their own homeland?

Some says that there is no difference between Bush and Obama and that Obama is backed by the same New World Order. NWO is a group which had been concocted by conspiracy theorists and is now being used to destroy President Barack Obama. Surely, change is hard to accept and for some they will do anything to discredit Obama and his administration.

Who is preventing the Tier 5 Extension Bill approval? Is it Obama or is it the Bush and McCain rara boys? How long should unemployed Americans and 99ers wait before their cry is answered?

The importance and necessity of the passage of the American Wants to Work Act and the Tier 5 Extension Bill is paramount if the government wants to really show its compassion and dedication to its people. Now for the 99ers and unemployed, this events is a call for everyone to double their efforts at job hunting. And, for those companies who refuse to hire people on the account of their unemployment status and age and not based on qualifications they should be ashamed of themselves and they should be given penalties.

What about you? Do you think it is right to pass the Tier 5 Extension Bill? What can you advise other 99ers to do in order to help in the campaign to pass the American Wants to Work Act bill? Is Obama really a problem and not a solution? Tell us what you think.

Thanks for reading and a hopeful Labor Day Weekend 2010 to all.