Kris Aquino and Annabelle Rama Feud

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Kris Aquino and family has found themselves an unwanted enemy.  Annabelle Rama, celebrity mom of Rufa Gutierez, walked out last Sunday on Kris’ talk show because of very steamy hot questions.  With this, Annabelle Rama sent a note to all of her family and friends not to vote for Noynoy Aquino for the upcoming May 2010 elections.

Kris Aquino sent out a public apology to Annabelle Rama saying she is sorry, on behalf of her family, with all the stress she has caused her.  Kris is a very controversial actress and celebrity figure in the Philippines and this she knows herself.  With this in mind, she promised her brother that if he won the elections and if she will be the cause of his stress then she will fly out of the country with her boys to work there with the overseas workers.  This is how supportive she is of her brother and of her family.  We don’t know yet how Annabelle Rama reacted to this apology.  Follow us and subscribe to our feed for updates.