Karaoke Champ Wins 1 Million Dumplings

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Just like any other Karaoke reality shows in the world, Karaoke World Championships just gave a million to its champion Edward Pimentel. However, it’s not 1 million cash but 1 million worth of dumplings. Yes, you’re reading it right, 1 million dumplings for Edward Pimentel. These vast supply of dumplings could last for 27 years even if a person consumes 100 pieces every day. Pimentel is an American telephone technician from Albuquerque, N.M.

Such unusual award was given to Pimentel after getting the most number of votes from the audience. He sang Usher’s “DJ’s got Us Fallin’ In Love”. Although get wasn’t able to get the favor of the judges, winning the 1 million dumpling has brought himself into the limelight. The judges chose Sam Moudden and Maria Saarima-Ylitalo as the male and female champions and were awarded karaoke machines. Both winners were from Finland. The competition were participated by 16 amateur singers from 16 countries and the championship was held in Moscow.

This is such an unusual prize to receive. Unlike any other singing reality shows wherein cash prizes are at stake, a million worth of dumpling could bloat yourself. Hoping that Mr Pimentel could still sing after consuming all those dumplings.