Justin Bieber Tattoo Photos and Pictures latest update

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JBiebs has an enie meenie miney mo tattoo on his hip!

The child pop star was spotted playing on Whale Beach in Sydney, Australia with what appeared to be a tiny tattoo on his left hip. Just what does this bird mean? Is it to represent his complete dominance over all things Twitter? Others are claiming the tattoo is identical to the one his cousin Jared Marion sports on his arm, representing the freedom to be yourself.

Justin Bieber apparently got his tattoo when he was in Toronto Canada at the Son of a Gun tattoo parlor.

The identity of the tattoo was under speculation for some time, but it has now been revealed to be a bird in flight and according to Best Week Ever, that is something of a Beiber family tradition. Many family members have the same tattoo on their wrist.

No member of Justin Bieber’s camp have made any public statement regarding the tattoo.