Julia Roberts To Adopt A Child From India

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Julia Roberts is said to be following the footsteps of Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan, among others, by adopting a child from India. Roberts recently converted to the Hindu faith, after growing up with a Catholic mother and Baptist father.

The 42-year-old actress already has three children with cameraman Danny Moder – twins Hazel and Finn, five, and Henry, three. She suffered from complications during her previous pregnancies, but would still like to add to her brood, which is why she saw adoption as the next best option.

A friend was quoted as saying, “Julia has wanted more children for years. But her past pregnancies were fraught with complications and she was forced into an extended hospital stay right before she had her twins. After all she has been through, she realizes that adoption is perhaps the best way forward.”

“She has a special affinity with India and has contacts exploring the possibilities… Julia and Danny love the idea of their kids having another baby in the house. And it feels so right that the next member of the family should come from a different culture.”

She is also said to have contacted an adoption agency in Bali, where she spent time filming her latest movie, “Eat Pray Love”.