Jesse James Mistriss: Why Mistriss instead of Mistress?

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What the hell! Why people are searching for the Mistriss of Jesse James. Is this a proper name? Or just a wrongly spelled word? I think it’s just a wrongly spelled word. It should be Mistress not Mistriss, okey?

As far as I know, there’s only one mistress linked to Jesse James, and that’s Michelle Bombshell McGee. That ugly girl was Jesse James’ Mistress. I don’t have more information about her, I only know that she loves tatoos and her body is full of it.

She looks really dirty with those tatooes. I wonder why Jesse James is having an affair with her.

By the way, Jesse James already asked for forgiveness, but we don’t have updates yet regarding Sandra Bullock’s response.

I hope they will solve this problem, because Sandra is really a good wife, me thinks.