It’s already Labor Day 2010! Where is the Tier 5 Extension?

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Today is Labor Day and the whole nation commemorates Labor Day 2010 but where is the Tier 5 extension for 99ers? Most of these Americans have worked for so long and then all of a sudden because of economic recession they lost their job and now their present life and future is in peril.

I know, most will celebrate Labor Day 2010 enjoying the Labor Day Sales at Wallmart, Sears, Macy’s, Targets and more but what about those who do not even have money to feed their family right? As most of us spend money on sales about 1.4 million Americans or even more are in the narrow line of the choice of staying to look for a job or probably do something else.

I am not saying that shopping is bad for it is everyone’s right but what I am saying is to consider helping our fellow Americans, the 99ers from getting the Tier 5 Extension Bill and the American Wants to Work Act passed in Congress and in the US Senate. If the US government can afford to spend billions overseas in War, why would it not spend for its own people?

The moment I was invited to write for the World Correspondents, the first I noticed is the tons of people commenting on articles about Tier 5 Extension Bill. In every comment you can see frustration and the lose of hope for most of them. I am still glad to see some of the comments which talks about never surrendering and fighting for what Americans rightfully deserves, the Tier 5 Extension Bill.

I join the 99ers and many Americans who are unemployed in calling on the government and elected officials to see the light on this issue. I am also calling on companies to help alleviate the unemployment problem that is affecting almost 10% of Americans.

My Labor Day 2010 wish is to see that finally the Tier 5 Extension will be signed as a bill.