Itinerary For a Trans-Siberian Rail Trip

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Green fields and beyond photo by: rreichle

Green fields and beyond photo by: rreichlet

Taking stock of your travel itinerary and route planning is an ideal way to prepare for your first Trans-Siberian train tour. The estimated time to finish the entire tour totally depends on your starting point. At, you can choose from three train routes.


  •             Mongolia to Beijing (Trans-Mongolian)
  •            Moscow to Beijing (Trans Manchurian)
  •              Moscow to Vladivostok (Trans-Siberian)




Most people choose this route not only because they want to explore Mongolia’s colourful culture but because of the opportunity to experience the magnificent beauty of the land. Among the three routes, the Trans-Mongolian is the shortest. Here’s what to expect.


  •              Ekaterinburg – This city is your first stop from Moscow. Whether it is autumn or summer, this Siberian city offers beautiful tourist spots such as the Ural Geology Museum, Church Upon the Blood, Romanov Death Site, Europe Asia Border, Military Museum, Ural Mineralogical Museum, and Shirokorechenskoye Kladbishche Cemetery.
  •              Irkutsk – Halfway after the first stop is Irkutsk, a city often dubbed as the Paris of Siberia. Known as the cultural capital of this region, Irkutsk is the ultimate destination if you want to see Lake Baikal. This city has beautiful wooden architecture, marvellous churches, and museums.
  •             Ulan Ude – The city of Ulan Ude may look like an Asian country because of its strategic location between Russia and China. Aside from the biggest Lenin head, Ulan Ude has beautiful Buddhist monasteries like Ivolginsky Datsan and Rimpocge Bagsha. Tourists particularly love the rolling countryside in Ulan Ude.
  •              Ulaanbaatar – As Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar is a booming metropolis where major skyscrapers rule the skies. Summer is the best time to explore this city. Every July, the city holds Naadam festivals where you can witness archery competitions, horseracing, and wrestling. Some of the most interesting places in Ulaanbaatar are Bogd Khan Museum, Sukhbaatar Square, Natural History Museum, and Gandan Monastery.
  •              Beijing – What make Beijing as a major tourist attraction are its historical sites. The city’s major architectural and cultural sites remain almost untouched through the years. Here, you will have a chance to explore the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, and Summer Palace.


Avoid Having A Daunting Experience

Planning a railway tour across two continents can be a daunting experience. If you want to simplify your travel preparation, consider getting tour assistance from a Trans-Siberian train tour company. You should not put together a Siberian railway tour all by yourself. Gather relevant information at Trans Siberian Travel Company for your guidance and convenience.




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