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The singing reality show, American Idol, once more bid goodbye to one of its contestants last night. They all sang Shania Twain songs and all received almost nothing but praises from the judges. The top 6 contestants has improved week by week by nonetheless, one of them needs to go home.

This week, the contestant who got the fewest votes is Siobhan Magnus. Ryan Seacrest described her to be having “independent spirit, laser focus, and incredible work ethic”. She performed “Any Man of Mine” and got a not so good reaction from Simon. He described her singing to be as if she were giving birth.

Joining her in the bottom two is once again Casey James who sang “Don’t”. They were being followed by Michael Lynch who was saved by the judges. Aaron Kelly was brought by the voters to safety while Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox apparently remained secure.

Sop who got kicked off American Idol last April 28, 2010? It’s Siobhan Magnus. So long Siobhan, always remember that we’ll always love you.

If you haven’t seen the last performance of Siobhan Magnus, check out her video below, singing Any Mine of Mine