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For all the android fans enjoying their android phones, this news is truly sad. The grandparent of the android phone you are holding is now saying goodbye to everyone. For the benefit of those doesn’t know the history of android phone, Nexus One wasn’t the first Android phone Google put its name to.

Way back September 23, 2008, a certain phone has been manufactured by HTC and was launched as T-Mobile G1. It is called the same in other parts of Europe while in Poland is it is called Era G1 in Poland. It features 512MHz processor and 192MB of RAM, Glass Capacitive Touchscreen, Slide-out 5-row QWERTY Keyboard and a Trackball navigation. It pretty runs well during its time but sad to say it can no longer keep with its offspring. A lot of recent games as well those old games run poorly on the device.

This maybe a sad ending for G1, every android fan should take off their hat for the phone that started everything. If not because of G1, android phones won’t become what it is today. The G1 is now unavailable from both, My.T-Mobile as well as retailers everywhere. Goodbye G1, you would truly be missed and a big thanks for the memories.

Were you able to own G1? Please feel free to share you memories with it in our comment box.