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Tax Free Weekend 2010 Entices Shoppers – From August 6 to 8, 2010, several states have declared their Tax Free Weekend this 2010. This means that huge discounts can be availed by the shoppers in these particular states as a lot of items will be in bargain. since no tax will be implemented. This tax free weekend is the second busiest time after Thanksgiving Day weekend this coming November.

Starting from 11:59pm on Friday and ending on 11:59pm on Sunday, both buyers and sellers will benefit in this tax free weekend sale. Buyers will avail of huge discounts while sellers can avail of the free tax.

However, not all items are subject of this tax free weekend as most states only cover clothing and shoes under $100 per item, school supplies under $50, and computers under $750. Several stores not offering tax free weekend have joined this weekend sale craze by slashing some of their items too to as much as 10% just to match the discount offered by the participating retail stores.

In North Carolina, the tax free weekend sale applies to: clothing, footwear, and school supplies under $100, sports and recreation equipment under $50, computers under $3,500, and computer equipment under $250.

In the state of Virginia, the items where the tax free weekend are applicable include clothing and footwear under $100 and school supplies under $20.

For other states, you can view the items applicable to tax free weekend from August 6 to 8 below:

Alabama Tax Free Weekend:

* Clothing under $100
* School supplies under $50
* Books under $30
* Computers/computer equipment under $750

Missouri’s Tax Free Weekend: Aug. 6-8, 2010 (not all cities)

* Clothing under $100
* School supplies under $50
* Computer software under $350
* Computers/computer equipment under $3,500

New Mexico’s Tax Free Weekend:

* All clothing and shoes under $100
* School supplies under $15
* Computers under $1,000
* Computer equipment under $500

Oklahoma’s Tax Free Weekend:

* Clothing and shoes
* Priced under $100

Tennessee’s Tax Free Weekend:

* Clothing under $100
* School supplies under $100
* Computers under $1500