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It’s the end of the road for American Idol Season 9 Contestant Siobhan Magnus after being voted off at the Idol’s elimination night last Wednesday (April 28),leaving frontrunner Crystal Bowersox as the only female contestant remaning in the top five.

From the 33 million registered votes on Tuesday night, Siobhan Magnus received the smallest share from the viewers, a night after Simon Cowell compared her tortured screaming to the sound of a woman giving birth during her rendition of Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine.”

The results began with host Ryan Seacrest creating three groups of two. The first pairing included Magnus and Lee Dewyze, followed by Casey James and Michael Lynche and then Aaron Kelly and Crystal Bowersox. Cutting the tension immediately, Seacrest walked Magnus across the stage for her first trip to the bottom three, alongside Lynche and James.

Lynche was the first one relieved, but had no shame of being back in the bottom three. “Tonight is different because everyone did well last night,” he said.

Once James’ name was called and he was declared safe, Magnus managed to keep her head up high and had a smile on her face. She left with style and performed Aretha Franklin’s “Think.” Naturally she ended the performance with her signature ear-piercing scream.

“An independent spirit, laser focus, incredible work ethic,” host Ryan Seacrest said of Magnus after announcing her elimination, as the studio audience in Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre stood and saluted her “Idol” run. “I know you did this for your sisters…what impact do you think it’s made on both you and your sisters being a part of this show?”

“Hopefully a big one,” said the 19-year-old Massachusetts native. “I did my best and I hope that I was able to show them what we’re all capable of.”

The Wednesday elimination night also featured performances by former American Idol Carrie Underwood,Rascal Flatts performing “Unstoppable,” and later joining Latin star Shakira for a performance of her current single, “Gypsy.” Lady Antebellum performed the title track from its chart-topping album, “Need You Now,”.