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UFC 117 is finally here. It highlights the match of the Anderson “the Spider” Silva against Chael Patrick Sonnen. It has been looked forward since Sonnen has been trash talking against Silva for fours months already and fans are looking forward if he could turn his words into actions. Silva has kept his profile low and remained soft spoken.

Silva is the current Middleweight champion and he has been defending this title for quite a long time already. He got this title from Rich Franklin way back UFC 64 last October 14, 2006. He has been defending it successfully for 12 consecutive times. Would he let this title be grabbed from him this time? That would remain a question until their fights ends August 7, 2010.

Sonnen on the other hand had his sweet victory during his last fight against with Nate Marquardt on February 21, 2010 at UFC 110. He was successful in grabbing the win despite the fact that he was being caught in two very deep Guillotine Chokes in the first and third rounds.

The fight will happen live in Oakland at Oracle Arena. UFC 117 Live Stream can be witnessed in several sport sites as well on several cable TV channels in different countries. Together let us watch this amazing fight.