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Tons of viewers of American Idol episode, “Idol Gives Back” were awed when singer Annie Lennox shows up as she performed “Chain of Fools” with soul legend Aretha Franklin last night wearing a t-shirt with the words in blarring letters,”HIV Positive” imprinted on it.

Okay, don’t freak out folks-the “No More I Love You” singer is not herself a HIV positive. She had also worn the same shirt in events last year including the 2009 Edinburgh Festival of Politics and the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert in New York last October.

Her purpose of wearing the shirt is plain and simple-to make a stand and show support to the millions of people who are.

Annie was honored for serving the cause of HIV/AIDS affected women of South Africa.

According to her, she first saw someone wearing a bold “HIV Positive” shirt in South Africa last 2004, and she thought it was an “clever and brilliant” idea to do such thing.“In a country like South Africa, where HIV is so prevalent, and yet you have stigma where people are afraid to openly come out and say that they’re HIV positive,” she says, ”this t-shirt, whoever wears it, is making a statement of solidarity, and they’re saying, ‘We’re coming out from behind the shadows. We’re trying to normalize what is a preventable thing. It doesn’t need to have the stigma.’”

I assure you, wearing the “HIV Positive” shirt does not cause AIDS, that shirt isn’t contagious.