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It seems yesterday when the season 9 of American Idol just started its auditions all over the country. We may not have noticed it as time passed so fast. Right now we are already down to our top 5. The contestants really improved every week as they face different genres and different music plus different guest judges. You could really see who among them has the versatility of a well-rounded artist. They all started with different inspiring stories and soon one of them will joining in the famous world of the industry.

Every week, one of them bids goodbye. April 28 elimination night has finally revealed the top 5 among them. Siobhan Magnus wasn’t able to make it through this week as she’s the one who was kicked off last night. She was sang “Any Man of Mine”.

Top 5 of this season includes the invulnerable Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox, the 17 year old Aaron Kelly, the proud dad Michael Lynch and the last but not the least, Casey James. Last night’s performances got nothing (almost) but praises from the judges.