Jay Shafer decided to build a house

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More than ten years ago, Jay Shafer decided to build a house that would probably be the size of a walk-in closet. This house was about 89 square feet that has all the necessary features of a typical home. Since then, he has built more little buildings under his company called Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.  Shafer and his company continue to plan, build and deliver tiny houses that suit the occupants’ requirements.

What makes these tiny houses special is that these have the necessary features of a comfortable home without unused space. What could have been transitional spaces such as hallways are utilized as storage spaces. Despite a very minimalistic approach, the interiors have a designer feel using wooden panels, stainless steel sheets in the bathroom and kitchen.

There is benefit to living in a small space, Shafer says. Less energy consumption and less impact on the environment are just some of the selling points of Tumbleweed.