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The New York Knicks organization is renewing ties with NBA legend Isiah Thomas. Thomas is set to return to the Knicks as consultant as announced on Friday. The 49-year old Thomas who was Knicks coach and president of basketball operations until he was fired more than two years ago, with Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni taking on his two roles.

Thomas was hired last year as head coach for the Florida International University basketball team. In his first season with the team, they ended the season with a 7-25 win-loss record. Thomas will keep his coaching post while working as Knicks consultant.

Thomas had a very successful playing career in the NBA but has been unsuccessful in his career as coach and executive in the sport that catapulted him to the NBA Hall of Fame.

The announcement is a mere formality as Thomas has continued scouting for the Knicks in an informal capacity. During free agency, he tried to lure LeBron James into signing with the Knicks. He also facilitated in the Amare Stoudemire acquisition during that period.

There will surely be mixed reactions from within the league and the public given his string of bad decisions and scandals during his tenure with the Knicks. The Knicks organization, however, finds value in Thomas’ contributions and hope that they can make a turnaround next season.