Illinois’ 5 New Congressmen Have Sworn In

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Illinois’ 5 New Congressmen Have Sworn In- On Wednesday, Schilling, who represents the 17th Congressional District in western Illinois, and other four (4) new Republican lawmakers from the state joined together Wednesday’s oath taking. The four (4) new Republican lawmakers are Joe Walsh of Mc Henry in the 8th District; Bob Dold of Kenilworth in the 10th District; Adam Kinzinger of Manteno the 11th District; and Randy Hultgren of Winfield in the 14th District.

Rep. Bobby Schilling entered the ceremony together with his wife, Christie and their 10 kids namely Terry,24; Aaron, 21; Levi, 18; Joe, 17; Isabel, 15; Rachel, 13; Olivia, 9; Sam, 5; Sophia, 3 and Anthony, who’s 11 months old. Schilling attended the event with an entourage.

The new Republican lawmaker, Bobby Schilling, ousted two-term incumbent Phil Hare, who is a Democrat. At the top of Schilling’s agenda is trying to break up the Obama health care program.

However, Schilling will try to keep what he termed “the good things”, like coverage for pre-existing conditions and letting children up to age 26 be covered under their parents’ insurance, and renegotiate the rest with banished-to-the-minority House Democrats.