Iceland Volcano News: Test Flights Increase Hope for European Air Traffic

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The huge ash cloud covering much of Europe’s atmosphere brought about by the Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull has paralyzed most of the flights in the European air traffic. In order to test the safety of flights, several European airline companies sent their test flights flying from one European country to another without passengers.

Most of the pilots of these test flights said that they did not encounter any serious safety threat  after their airplane engines were investigated upon landing to their destinations. Having found no problems in their test flights, these European airline companies are currently clamoring for a lift of the flight ban to allow them to continue their business operations to lessen their huge losses.  “The concentration of ash particles in the atmosphere is probably so small that it poses no threat to air transport,” said the president of Dutchmen Pilots Association, Evert van Zwole.

Reports of huge losses were claimed by these European airline companies which were estimated to be in hundred million dollars per day. “With 313 european airports paralyzed, the financial impact is already worse than 9/11. While safety remains a non-negotiable priority, it is not incompatible with our legitimate request to reconsider the present restrictions”, Olivier Jankovec, Director General at Airports Council International, said in a statement.