How to Train Your Dragon Movie Review

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We all know that dragons are ferocious animals. We’ve been used to fairy tales where the images of dragons are bad. They are mostly used as one of the characters by the antagonist in a movie.

However, with this new movie “How to Train Your Dragon”, that image might be replaced. According to the movie reviews made by some people who have already watched the movie, they had the urge of wanting to have a pet dragon after watching it.

The story of “How to Train Your Dragon” movie revolves around a young Viking named “Hiccup” and a dragon named “Toothless”. In the first part of the movie, Hiccup aspires to hunt dragons since these dragons are considered as pests in their villages destroying their livestock.

Apparently, as the story revolves, he was able to down one of the dragons named “Toothless” and intead of killing it, he befriended it until he considered it as a pet and learned there may be more to the creatures than he assumed.

Judging from the animations used in the film, it was superb and the characters are so open to their emotions, that it becomes a lot more real than the photo realistic 3D animation and effects.

In summary, the film is very good and it’s a must watch movie. With the look of the dragon “Toothless” to resemble “Stitch” in the movie “Lilo and Stitch”, definitely, the ferocious look of a dragon disappeared and you will be made to love the dragon here.

Congratulations for a job well done to all the directors and casts of the film “How to Train Your Dragon”.