How to Boil Easter Eggs: Q & A on How Long Do You Boil an Egg to Become Hard Boiled

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Happy Easter! Today, we celebrate Jesus Christ’s ressurection from the dead and His ascension to Heaven called Easter Sunday.

During Easter Sunday celebration, Easter Egg Hunt is a major activity. In preparation of that activity, people are searching on how to boil hard boiled eggs. People want to learn how to long do you boil an egg to become hard boiled for use in their meals as well as for Easter Egg Hunt activity for  Easter Sunday.

Boiling eggs is really simple. You just need to know how long you should boil the eggs in order to be cooked “hard boil”. Eggs are one of my favorite breakfast and boiling an egg to become hard boiled only takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

For instructions on how to boil eggs, you just need to take a pot. Fill in with sufficient water to boil the eggs. The higher the number of eggs to boil, the higher the amount of water that should be added. Do not overboil the eggs as this will cause some cracks which will not be good for Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

After having boiled for about 10 minutes, take them out using tongs, dry and cool them first before decorating it for Easter Egg hunt. For Easter Egg Hunt ideas, you can go here.

Again, Happy Easter!