Hong Kong Lawmakers Demand Apology and Compensation

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Rolando Mendoza may have already been buried, but the damaging effects of his atrocious acts against the hostages linger on.

Aside from causing a rift in the diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Hong Kong, the 10-hour hostage-taking that led to the death of eight Hong Kong nationals and injuries for those who have survived, resulted in a motion that was passed by Hong Kong lawmakers.

In the said motion, Hong Kong lawmakers are demanding an apology from the Philippine government as well as compensation for the families of the hostages who were killed and even for those who have survived.

The motion also asked for a thorough and speedy investigation of the hostage crisis to find out if the eight hostages were indeed killed by Mendoza, or by the police in the botched rescue attempt. The lawmakers likewise expressed “strong dissatisfaction at the serious failures” of the Philippine authorities.

For its part, the Philippine government said it intends to wrap-up its investigation on Monday and submit the report to Hong Kong authorities.