Hong Kong Disappointed with Revised Committee Report

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Hong Kong officials expressed disappointment over the Philippine legal team-revised IIRC (Incident Investigation and Review Committee) report which spared several officials from the “harsh” punishment recommended by the committee tasked to investigate the tragic Manila bus hijacking which left eight Hong Kong nationals dead.  

A Hong Kong government spokesman said in a statement that, “The people of Hong Kong, especially the survivors and the victims’ families, will find this hard to accept. The Hong Kong … government is also disappointed. We ask that the Philippine government follow through the required actions.”

“The eventual actions to be taken against the persons involved must live up to their pledge to be accountable to the public. That is also what is owed to the dead and the injured. We will convey our views to the Philippine government through proper channels.”

The hostage-taking which happened on August 23 saw a sacked police officer, Rolando Mendoza, seize a busload of Hong Kong tourists in Manila in a desperate bid to get his job back and be cleared of extortion charges.

Eight of the tourists and the hostage taker were killed and seven other tourists were wounded when a SWAT team was called in to launch a bungled rescue attempt in a live drama played out on television.