Hilary Duff is Pursuing Another Career as an Author on Book Elixir

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Hilary Duff Author Adult Series  ElixirThis is probably one of the reasons why we have not heard much from the young singer-actress Hilary Duff.  We have seen her appearances in Gossip Girl’s third season but other than that not much news has been surround this multi-talented girl.  Right now, she is working on writing a book for young adults.  This is expected to be a series of books.

Hilary Duff will write about children and how they can cope up with their parent’s divorce.  Mom and dad quarrels have become more common but children are most often the ones most affected.  Hilary Duff has also composed her own songs in her previous albums and one of them was a song about their parents ‘Stranger’ and ‘Gypsy Woman.’

The first of the series will be entitled ‘Elixir’ and this should be released by October 12, 2010.  This 22 year old blonde is definitely not a dumbshell and she is definitely one of the most important teen inspirations of the younger generation as she is both substance and form.