Highlights and Results: Mayweather vs Mosley Fight Replay

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One of the most awaited boxing fight this year, the fight between Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Floyd Mayweather has just been finished. It was held at the usual MGM Grand Garden Arena in the Las Vegas Nevada.

Several boxing superstars and celebrities attended the fight to witness the battle between the two boxing champions! While some people paid for pay-per-view just to watch the live stream event, I was able to watch the Mayweather vs Mosley live stream fight via SOP Cast a while ago. Simultaneously, a lot of people all over the world also watched the free live stream via Justin TV and other online sites.

During the start the of the match, it was full of excitement as Mosley is still fighting against this rude boxer Mayweather. One of the highlights of the event was when Mosley revenged a series of punches to Mayweather. However, during the last rounds of the game, it went to become a boring fight. The two boxing fighters are just hugging each other without much action happening in the boxing ring. That continued in the very last round where Mayweather was finally announced as the winner of the boxing match. So who won Mayweather vs Mosley Fight? Yes, Mayweather won and kept his Welterweight belt.

Well, yeah sure Mayweather again proved that he is still undefeated when it comes to boxing. But how come he is such a coward when it comes to having a boxing match with Pacquiao. Because of this fact, a lot of people called him “gayweather” for not having enough courage to face the Philippines’ pound per pound champion.

I am sure that he will definitely lose. Mayweather has no match to the agility and footwork of Manny Pacquiao. Well, I just hope that there will be indeed a match between the two of them. Prove that you are really indeed the best boxing fighter Mayweather. Face Pacquiao!

Meanhwile, you can look for a replay video of the game in various online sites. If you are looking for the play by play results, some of the best known boxing sites have them.