Halloween Drinks and Appetizers Recipe: How to Make Jello Shots

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In every party, it is impossible that Jello Shots are absent. This drink doesn’t choose any occasion whether that is Valentines, Christmas, New Year, Birthday or Halloween.

By this time, a lot of party drinkers are looking for the best way in making Jello Shots. The drink is very much appealing to every individual because of its colors and the taste is so delicious! Thinking of making one for the Halloween Party? Just follow the simple steps below:

Jello Shots Recipe: Halloween Drinks and Appetizers Recipe:

      Boil two (2) Cups of water


      Place the 2 cups of boiling water at a large bowl


      Add the pack of your desired jello flavor at the bowl (6oz)


      Stir the jello flavor with the boiling water for three minutes or until dissolved.


      Add cold water to the mixture (6oz) and stir for three minutes until the mixture dissolves.


      Add the spirit to the mixture depending on your wanted amount. Stir well.


      Pour the complete mixture into their containers and seal it.


    Set the Jello shots mixture overnight for a more lasting taste.

Presto! You have your Jello Shots for Halloween! You can also make this Halloween Drink a bit more special by placing them is Syringes. With this set-up, one truly feels that he/she received some Jello Shots.

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Photo Credit: Senyorita.Net