Groom Fires AK-47 Kills Guests

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This has got to be one for the books. I have heard of weird rituals and have seen cultural celebrations worthy of America’s Funniest Home Video, but firing an AK-47 or any gun for that matter, at your wedding is just plain absurd – guests getting killed or injured adds even more to the insanity of the whole exercise.

I wanted to say, “Thank God, it happened in Turkey”, but when people are getting killed, it is really not a time for sarcasm or acerbic remarks.

Actually, I really do not know which is worse, the firing of an AK-47 at a wedding where the groom’s dad and 2 aunts were killed while injuring 6 more (mostly children), or the report that the bride at this wedding is only 12 years old and pregnant.

Anyway, according to reports the groom, Tevfik Altin, lost control of his rifle, spraying the guests with bullets and killing his father and two aunts and injuring six others.

Altin has been arrested after the incident. In the village of Akcagoze as well as some other parts of Turkey, guns are often fired into the air in celebration.