Got Sun… Have Power: Switching to Solar Energy

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The heat wave we are currently sweating buckets under makes me want to urge our government’s leaders re-visit and support the proposal to switch to solar power as an alternative source of energy.

With the sticky situation the United States is currently having with oil, maybe it is indeed about time to pour more dollars into researching the possibilities that solar power offers.

Aside from harnessing a natural resource we are all currently “roasting” under, using solar energy will decrease the use and need to churn in more fossil fuel. This will in turn slow down the degeneration of our environment’s resources. A win-win situation, if I might say.

Thinking aloud, if we can generate some form of energy out of the body heat we are all emitting under this heat wave, maybe that will be even better. Given the 300 million Americans now frying in the heat wave, we might have enough power to light up a small town. So somebody please invent something to harness and convert body heat into energy pronto!