Google’s 50 Most Popular Women on the Web Revealed: Justin Beiber Included?

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The most popular search engine, Google, has revealed its 50 most popular women in the world wide web. This is based on the search results the person has gained. Lady Gaga toped the list having 85,900,000 results followed by Ke$ha and Madonna having 76,100,000 and 61,300,00 respectively. However, someone unlikely has been included in the list. How come Justin Beiber got the 7th spot with 34,200,000 results? Justin Beiber is definitely not a woman.

I certainly don’t have any idea how Beiber made it on the list. There have been speculations about his sexual preference and there are posts circulating the web saying he admitted he’s gay. But if you search for it there are no concrete evidences that he really admitted it.

The top 50 results is such a long list, so just to have a glimpse to it, here is the top 10 among them.

#1 Lady GaGa – 85,900,000 Results
#2 Ke$ha – 76,100,000 Results
#3 Madonna -61,300,00 Results
#4 Beyonce – 55,200,000
#5 Rihanna -53,900,000 Results
#6 Britney Spears 46,600,000 Results
#7 Justin Bieber – 34,200,000 Results
8 Miley Cyrus – 34,100,000 Results
#9 Paris Hilton – 33,200,000 Results
#10 Avril Lavigne -28,900,000 Results